About Us


Eyes of Hope, Stoughton, Inc.’s mission is to provide young people with after school programs that advance their academic, social and emotional development encouraging them to become lifelong contributors to the community and the world. 


Eyes of Hope, Stoughton, Inc. believes their programs benefit the whole community by providing our youth a place to explore new ideas, build positive relationships with adults and opportunities to serve.  Eyes of Hope Stoughton Inc.’s programs are safe spaces for young adults to grow, learn and bring their new skills into the community. 


Eyes of Hope, Stoughton, Inc.’s purpose is to encourage the development of strength, confidence, honesty and service by creating a close-knit community.  Youth can discover and celebrate their true selves and authentic purpose. 


Eyes of Hope, Stoughton, Inc. connects community to youth and youth to community.  This creates opportunity, relationship and belonging by fostering connections that meet student’s needs.  

Financial information

We are a 501 (c)(3) organization helping young people through weekly  programs, activities, and discussions.

Contact us to request information such as goals for the year, qualifications of volunteers, budget, financials, or proof of tax-exempt status.


"Post-graduation hasn't been too bad, but I've been very busy! I could write a whole book on what I could've (and should've) done differently, but throughout the past few years and currently, one of my keys to success is staying organized and having a plan! Even if that plan changes often, I found that it's been helpful to know what I want to do, why, and to do everything I can to help myself achieve those goals. I'm in my final year of undergrad (YAYYYY) and I'll be graduating this spring!"

"Even if I could go back and give my younger self advice, I don't think I would! Looking back at when I first started my college journey, I've realized that personal growth and development on one's own terms, in their own time, is SO important. Struggling is ok. Failing sometimes is ok, too. What's more important is how we react to those obstacles, how we learn to adapt to them and how we can extend what we've learned from those experiences into our future. I think it's good for young people to find their own way in life and to navigate life's obstacles without a whole lot advice sometimes. For me personally, that has helped me to become a better thinker and problem solver and has helped me to cultivate my own built-in support system for when I have no one to talk to or ask for advice."