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The weekly Girl-2-Girl program, sponsored by Eyes of Hope Stoughton, connects young women with dedicated mentors in a comfortable, fun after-school group over Zoom or at the United Methodist Church building after school when that is possible. A wide range of opportunities are available, from help with applications for community volunteering, employment, or college to special events like laser tag and nature retreats.


Girl2Girl has been active for 12 years. Our group size has ranged from 6-15 women. Our group provides the stability and support for a 100% graduation rate. We have connected many students with mentors in their future professions as well as provide references for future employers. Tasks like the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) and college applications are made easier with mentor support.


"Post-graduation hasn't been too bad, but I've been very busy! I could write a whole book on what I could've (and should've) done differently, but throughout the past few years and currently, one of my keys to success is staying organized and having a plan! Even if that plan changes often, I found that it's been helpful to know what I want to do, why, and to do everything I can to help myself achieve those goals. I'm in my final year of undergrad (YAYYYY) and I'll be graduating this spring!"

"Even if I could go back and give my younger self advice, I don't think I would! Looking back at when I first started my college journey, I've realized that personal growth and development on one's own terms, in their own time, is SO important. Struggling is ok. Failing sometimes is ok, too. What's more important is how we react to those obstacles, how we learn to adapt to them and how we can extend what we've learned from those experiences into our future. I think it's good for young people to find their own way in life and to navigate life's obstacles without a whole lot advice sometimes. For me personally, that has helped me to become a better thinker and problem solver and has helped me to cultivate my own built-in support system for when I have no one to talk to or ask for advice."


Mackenzie Krumme, "Eyes of Hope charts a broader path for 2021," Stoughton Courier Hub, March 8, 2021. Retrieved March 10, 2021. Eyes of Hope is hoping to expand services for 2021. Led by Eyes of Hope chair Anne Adametz and executive director Laura Roeven, the board of directors recognized new challenges Stoughton students face during the pandemic, along with ongoing pressures from climate change and societal stress. Eyes of Hope fosters community connections by matching students with scholarship and mentoring opportunities. Full story >>

Mackenzie Krumme, "Girl-2-Girl sells handcrafted goods at Winter Market," Stoughton Courier Hub, Dec. 4, 2019. Retrieved October 27, 2020. Full story >>

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Laura Roeven, "Eyes of Hope off to a 'wonderful start,' " Stoughton Courier Hub, Letter to the Editor, November 9, 2016. Retrieved March 10, 2021.

Eyes of Hope, Stoughton Inc. has had a wonderful start with its year of programs. Girl2Girl and Guy Squad are after-school programs whose mission it is to provide young people with experiences that advance their academic, emotional and social development while encouraging them to become lifelong contributors to the community and to the world. Riding bikes along Lake Mendota, laser tag and cooking gourmet meals have all been possible due to the support from several local and area organizations. Thank you for your generous support! Many thanks for the mentors who volunteer their time with youth to make these programs successful.

Scott Girard, "SUM, Eyes of Hope host celebration" Stoughton Courier Hub, October 26, 2016. Retrieved March 10, 2021.

Stoughton United Methodist Church hosted the Eyes of Hope and Stoughton United Ministries celebration and meal Saturday, Oct. 23. More than a dozen attendees took part in cake walks, a game of trivia, pumpkin decorating and face painting.

Samantha Christian, "Free event, meal, Oct. 23 celebrates community nonprofits" Stoughton Courier Hub, October 20, 2016. Retrieved March 10, 2021.

Two nonprofits, Eyes of Hope and Stoughton United Ministries, will hold a community celebration from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, at Stoughton United Methodist Church, 525 Lincoln Ave.
This will be the first annual awareness event for EOH, which provides young people with after school and summer programs, such as the Girl-2-Girl and Guy Squad groups, that advance their academic and social development and encourage them to discover their own voice and learn to share it with the world.
Full story >>

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We are a 501 (c)(3) organization helping young people through weekly programs, activities, and discussions.

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